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7 Reasons Why YOU Should Listen To Miley Cyrus’ New Album “Miley Cyrus And Her Dead Petz”


Okay so if you have been hiding in a cave for the last month or so, you wont know that Miley has a new album out called “Miley Cyrus And Her Dead Petz” (weird title but makes sense as soon as you listen to it). She announced the release of that album during the ending of the 2015 VMAs which she was also hosting. I am a huge Miley Cyrus fan so of course I had to stop everything I was doing and check it out. I didn’t really get it in the beginning, to be honest it’s a pretty hard album to get into if you don’t listen to that type of music but as I let it grow on me I realized that it’s actually kind of brilliant. Miley has brought everything into that album so I am going to give you 7 damn good reasons that you should take a break from illegally downloading porn or watching people get kicked in the balls on YouTube and listen to that album right now.

1) It don’t cost a thing

That’s right fellas, Miley’s new album is available for free on soundcloud. And I know that this doesn’t mean much in 2015 were there are about a billion websites where you can get free music all over the place, but wouldn’t you like to know that the artist actually wants you to have that music for free? Don’t you like the fact that all of those songs are actually what’s going on inside Miley’s head, not just something she put out to make money or raise attention to herself? I definitely do, it just feels much more real than most things out there just because it’s free. It’s like a gift, what kind of fool would not accept a damn gift?

2) It’s original

Have you ever had that feeling when you listen to a song for the first time and you feel like you’ve heard it a billion times before, but then you actually realize that you haven’t it’s just so unoriginal that’s the same exact thing has been done before a billion times? Well believe me when I say, there is nothing like Miley’s new album on the radio right now. Nobody else is doing that sort of thing and even if they are they never go mainstream. Miley is taking this as a chance to bring a light to that underrated music gender and to show people a world were the radio does not play generic pop garbage, will you join her on that movement?

3) The vocals

There are a lot of things you can say to Miley Cyrus but bad singer sure isn’t one of them. Miley has always been a strong vocalist and this type of music is the perfect platform for her to expose that. If you have listened to her previous album Bangerz, you might have noticed that sometimes the beat overshadowed her voice. In this album Miley has managed the perfect balance showcasing the amazing Mike Will Made It beats and her flawless vocals. (P.S. song that showcases mind blowing vocals: The Twinkle Song. you’re welcome)

4) The beatsย 

I mentioned something about amazing Mike Will Made It beats in my previous paragraph, so let’s talk a bit more about that. You probably already know that Mike Will is an amazing producer, he has worked with some of the most important R&B and Hip Hop artists such as Rihanna, Kelly Rowland, Lil Wayne, even Mariah fucking Carey. Which means that if you like R&B or Hip Hop, Mike Will has definitely produced one of your favorite songs. Well guess what, he has also produced this album so I don’t know why you haven’t listened to it yet.

5) The lyrics

That is probably my favorite of all the reasons, I mean I love beats and vocals but if a song doesn’t have good lyrics I’m not gonna be on board with it. And MCAHDP definitely has some amazing ones. Let’s start from the inspirational ones:

“Karen don’t be sand, they’re just a bunch of fools/ the world can still be beautiful, that part’s up to you.” (from: Karen don’t be sad)

“We only have one sun, one moon/ one me, one you” (from: 1 Sun)

“Evil is but a shadow, that accompanies the good” (from: Evil is but a shadow)

Then there are the sad ones:

“And there’s probably a rainbow, but I don’t care/ ‘coz all the colors left with you” (from: Space Boots)

“They say love grows but I’ve only seen it die/ I’m too young to feel like I’m running out of time” (from: I Get So Scared)

And finally the funny ones:

“You started with some fucking baby goo goo tongue down my throat, I mean even in front of your mom/ Dude, as if I’m not fucking awkward enough” (from BB Talk)

“How dare you bring an other chick in our bed?/ You’re lucky I’m doing my yoga or you might be dead” (from: I Forgive Yiew)

This album has the biggest lyric variety I’ve ever heard, and these are just my favorite ones. But there’s so much more to it, it’s a listen you wont regret.

6) It rebelious

And who doesn’t love to rebel? I am a teenager myself and honestly I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with our generation? Why don’t we listen to stuff that make our parents sigh and shake their head in disappointment? Why aren’t we against the system like kids back in the 80’s? I know what you’re gonna say, the world has gotten better, there is nothing to rebel against anymore. Oh, so there is no homophobia, sexism, trans-phobia, terrorism or bigotry for us to rebel against? Because I do remember seeing people of color getting killed by cops in the news. I remember seeing a commercial that was against homosexual people getting married. And I remember seeing a lot of people that actually support Donalt Trump. Are you still sure there is nothing for us to rebel about? Miley, with her eccentric outfits and provocative lyrics is doing what we should have been doing all this time. So instead of judging her, how about we support her?

7) Miley Cyrus herself

Okay so I know a lot of people are too busy judging her by what she wears to actually listen to what she says. Miley has actually started a foundation called The Happy Hippie Foundation that supports America’s two most neglected issues, homelessness and the LGBT youth. She has made various videos of her performing songs with her band in her backyard in order to promote that charity. Hell, she even had a homeless man to go on stage on the 2014 VMAs and take over her Video Of The Year acceptance speech and talk about a charity. But shes just a joke right? Taking her clothes off for attention, right?? She has also cooperated with MAC to make a lipstick line from which all the profits are spent on curing people with HIV and AIDS.

Are you now convinced that Miley is an angel sent from heaven to give us good music and a powerful impact? Good, because by streaming her album and listening to her music you promote her, and by promoting her you promote what she stands for which is equality and world peace. So go ahead and click on that link to give that amazing album a listen:

Don’t worry, you can thank me later. Peace out, thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

Top 5 Most Underated Nicki Minaj Songs

Every time music comes up when I’m having a conversation with someone, I always make sure to casually let them know that I listen to rap. They always raise their eyebrow at me, because what could a fifteen year old white girl know about rap? “Who’s your favorite rapper?” they ask. Still unsure of how I would know shit about that music gender. “Nicki Minaj.” I reply with my head held high. “Oh.” They say letting out a sight of relief, “I thought you meant real rap.” They continue, laughing softly at my face. I am at a point of my life where I get so tired of explaining to people that Nicki has songs where she hardcore raps, she isn’t a bubblegum pop singer. But I have realized that there’s no point, because those people have only heard of “Starships” and “Va Va Voom”. So here’s a list to let people know that Nicki Minaj is as real as it gets.

(P.S. this list only contains singles that haven’t gotten enough recognition and that I feel showcase Nicki’s talent.)

5) Did It On ‘Em

Did It On ‘Em is one of Nicki’s lowest selling singles. Her rap verses are some of the most hardcore rap verses I’ve ever heard and let me remind you that I listen to Jay Z, Kanye West and Eminem so yeah, I know about rap music. The beat is one of the best beats Nicki has ever rapped on and the courses are also flawless and addictive. She doesn’t sing on the courses so can y’all call it a real rap record now? I don’t know what is making this song that much different than Kanye West’s POWER. I’m not saying it’s better, but you should respect both of them equally.

4) Pills N Potions

Pills N Potions is a slower record as well as the leading single from her latest album to date, The Pinkprint. It also shows us a sweeter side of Nicki letting her man know that even though she’s pissed at him she still loves him. She goes on to say that people will love her and support her when it’s beneficial, showing us a down side to her fame and saying that the people that used to hate her and make her life hard are now crawling back to her just because she’s famous. In the course she sings about over dosing because of how hard life has become for her and she ends it with a sweet message saying “In due time, we’ll be fine.” letting her self and the listener know that even though things get hard we can get though anything. Even though the song starts out pretty dark it ends on a positive note and don’t get me started on how good the verses and the beat is. Wait what was that? Nicki Minaj only sings about butts and sex? Yeah, okay.

3) Feeling Myself (ft. Beyonce)

(the music video for this song is available on Tidal)

Feeling Myself includes a few of Nicki’s best rap verses reminding people she is the queen of rap and nobody can take her down. The song is not about masturbation even though it does have a few playful references to it in the first verse. On the second one Nicki straight out talk about a sexual act where she is in control by telling the male what to do. Beyonce also slays her parts by joking about how everyone stopped everything they were doing when her visual album dropped in 2013. So what do we have? Good beat? Check. Good verses? Check. Good feature? Double check (it’s Queen Bey for God’s shake!). So, tell me again, who isn’t a real rapper?

2) Lookin’ Ass

Okay, not only does she spit mad fire on the verses of this song but she calls out all the sexist men and rappers in the game. Talking about how they keep looking at her ass and expecting her to lie for them. She talks about how she’s made it big in the business and how she has her own money and is not waiting for a man to pay her bills. She puts female empowerment back on the map by proving superiority to all the men who are objectifying women. And oh, did I mention that she spits mad fire on the verses?

1) Freedom

“They never thank me for opening doors, but they didn’t even thank Jesus when he died on a cross.” Nicki says when she starts off the song. She has opened doors for women in this industry but they keep trying to bring her down with out showing any gracefulness. She talks about how her career is similar to Jay Z’s by saying that it has been “the Pinkprint”, a play off on his album “The Blueprint”. In the first verse she sounds worried and feeling like a sellout because of the commercial she’s in. The course starts by her saying that she feels free to express herself the way she wants, music is her “freedom”. She later goes on to call out the angry audiences by saying, “Why they mad? You should see them.” All she meant was good with her music and now all these people are attacking her out of nowhere.

“Burn an L, coz it’s crazy in here.” Nicki smokes a joint to escape the harsh reality she is thrown in. Towards the end of the song Nicki talks to her self in the mirror asking “what you hiding from?” Why should she be scared of the critics? Why should she be holding her self back? Freedom is one of the most iconic rap records, no doubt. It captures the feeling of being hated for speaking your mind, do y’all still feel like hating on her now?

Okay, so that’s all for that list. Of course there are much better records than the ones I chose in Nicki’s albums but just so all you smart asses don’t say, “so do we have to buy her albums to discover her true talent?” I made this list only out of singles. All you have to do is listen, put all your judgment aside for once and listen.

Thank you for reading, bye ๐Ÿ™‚

Top 10 Worst Pop Music Videos Of The Last 5 Years

Hello reader, today for my first post I’ve decided to take out all of my negativity by making a list of some music videos that absolutely, figuratively and literally SUCK! Before I start listing them I have to clarify that this has nothing to do with the artist, the song or my personal opinion on the video. I also don’t mean to offend anyone who liked those videos but go ahead and offend me in the comment section down bellow if I insult your favorite artist.

10) Mirrors by Justin Timberlake

Mirrors is my favorite Justin Timberlake song, so when the video got out I was excited. The video shows a young couple meeting in a club and then it shows them mirroring each other as old people and reminiscing on the day they first met. I definitely get the symbolism of the video about how their love is timeless and how they overcame the difficulties and are still in love after all this time, but are we really going to pretend that the old people mirroring each other was not creepy? And are we going to pretend that J.T. who appeared in the end had any purpose to be in this music video? Plus, it was creepy and about five hours long. Mirrors is still my favorite J.T. song and he is one of my favorite artists but the video just didn’t work.

9) Bad Blood by Taylor Swift

You guys are already mad aren’t you? Hold on, let me explain before you throw rocks at me. I like Taylor Swift and I looooved her last album. The song is good and the remix with Kendrick Lamar was also good. The video how ever, not so much. Okay it starts off good. Selena Gomez a.k.a. the bad guy, kicks Tay out of a window and basically betrays her friendship. This start definitely got me hyped to see the rest, I thought all the other celebs were going to have a role, they were going to be doing something like Selena did, but no. All they did was have a cameo and walk behind Taylor in the end. To me it just looked like Taylor was showing off the fact that she hangs out with all those famous people, maybe she even promoted a bunch of them by giving them a cameo in her video but really, all they had was a cameo. Were they really that necessary? In my opinion the only ones that actually did something was Selena and Kendrick, all the others could have been replaced by random unknown people and it would have made no difference. Plus is Taylor really besties with all those girls? I mean I know she was hunging out with Selena but Haley Williams? Lena Dunham? That gorgeous African American girl from Empire? I’ve been following Tay’s career for a while and I’ve never seen her talk about most of the women that appeared on the video. And if she really had made a video with all her best friends then were was Abigail, her friend from high school who she still hangs out with by the way. Anyway, the video was bad and over hyped. Sorry Tay, I bought your album though so we’re good right?

8) Steal My Girl by One Direction

PLEASE DON’T KILL ME I CAN EXPLAIN! Okay, so just to clarify I have no problem with 1D even though I don’t really like their music but that is irrelevant right now. Not only did the video have nothing to do with the song but what the video actually had was a boring bunch of nothingness. It was just the boys doing a bunch of weird stuff and singing a love song. And the skit in the beginning, was it supposed to be funny? I’m sorry but nothing in this video was funny, cute maybe, but not funny. To me the music video to Steal My Girl was pointless. I don’t have much to say about it other than that.

7) Break Free by Ariana Grande

Okay so Break Free is by far the worst song Ariana Grande has put out. And that’s coming from a fan, I think both of her albums were great but Break Free was just a big no. Okay there are a few enjoyable elements in the song and her vocals are amazing during the whole time, I was getting so into it up until the video dropped. The video just made me hate this song, I was just cringing the whole time. What was even the concept for it? Can you imagine the director going: “Okay Ariana, you go free a bunch of disgusting alien creatures, shoot your boobs out to kill an evil force that is not even shown in the video and the you go PARTY!” And Ari was like, “O.M.G. That is a great idea!!!” Okay the video is absolutely ridiculous and just plain bad. Admit it Arianators, it’s bad.

6) World Up by Little Mix

Okay, I do like the song. A lot. And Little Mix are a really good girl group but the music video had absolutely nothing to do with the lyrics of the song. That is a big minus for me, I mean what’s up with all those artists making a music video that has nothing to do with the song? I mean the music video is supposed to be a visual representation of the lyrics, and the music video to world up has nothing to do with the lyrics. Besides that, if they wanted to do something such as a work out routine they should have made a choreography out of it. That would be the only thing that would make the video some what tolerable. But there was no choreography and no point to this video what so ever. And don’t get me started on that old man stalking them, I have no idea who that guy was and what he did to the video and I have no intention of finding out. Was he supposed to be funny? Because I’m pretty sure he gave me nightmares.

5) Slow Down by Selena Gomez

Okay I admit, I’ve had my problems with Selena in the past. I don’t know what all the hype is about, I mean she is basically an auto-tuned version of Miley Cyrus from her Can’t Be Tamed era, and that was like her lowest selling era. But my problem with this video has nothing to do with my problems with Selena or with the song. My problem with this video is that is basically only two scenes exchanging the whole time. I mean really look at it, Selena rubbing her self in a limo and then Selena dancing in a club. And then limo again, And then dancing again. That’s literally the whole video. A lot of people are accusing it of ripping off Miley’s Who Owns My Heart video and yes, the resamblance is uncanny but I don’t think she meant to rip off Miley’s video, this is all a result of how unoriginal she is as an artist. All of her videos and songs have been heard before and done before. Slow Down is the perfect song and video to showcase that.

4) Lovin’ Hard by Becky G.

Okay so for this video, Becky G. and her real life boyfriend at the time, Austin Mahone basically take us with them on one of their romantic dates. That sounds like a pretty good concept right? I mean tones of artists have made videos with their significant others and I’ve always thought they were pretty damn cute, so even though I’m not so crazy Becky or Austin I clicked on the video for the cuteness. So the video starts off with Becky getting ready for the date and promoting a bunch of lipsticks and mascaras. Kinda boring but okay. When she finally gets out of her house and meets with Austin, they take a bunch of pictures. Okay, I mean maybe they wanted to take a picture and now they’re gonna start being couple-y and cute, right? They sit down to have tacos were Becky advertises a water bottle and wipes sauce off Austin’s cheek. I know it was supposed to be a cute moment but it kinda made me cringe. They go to some kind of studio where Becky records the song and Austin watches her, why am I not seeing the cuteness? Why is there no chemistry between them what so ever??? Aren’t they dating? Okay moving on, they go out to eat, Becky takes a bunch of pictures. They go to the beach, Becky takes a bunch of pictures. Okay, fun idea for a drinking game, take a shot when ever a picture is snapped in this video, it lasts 4 minutes and 10 seconds and I bet you will be drunk by the time it’s over. With all that monologue I didn’t really get to what was wrong with the video. Okay so here it is: YOU DON’T MAKE A COUPLE VIDEO WITH TWO PEOPLE WHO HAVE NO CHEMISTRY! I’m pretty convinced right now that the whole relationship thing was all fake. I mean what kind of couple just sits around and takes selfies all day? A fake couple that’s who! That music video was an abomination, it was basically a commercial for make up, water and the i-Phone 5.

3) This Is How We Do by Katy Perry

I’m pretty sure this song has made everyone’s list of “Worsts”. Not only was it bad but it was also disappointing. I used to fucking love Katy Perry, her first album “One Of The Boys” was brilliant. The lyrics, the songs, everything about that 2008 Katy Perry was fierce. And then “Teenage Dream” came, it definitely had more of a pop vibe than the previews one but it wasn’t as good or as fierce. Maybe my problem with it is that it was bubblegum pop and I’m not really a fan of that, but it still wasn’t a bad album. And then PRISM came, Katy’s latest album to date was a disappointment to everyone. “Roar” was good, probably the last good Katy Perry song. This Is How We Do is by far her worst, but let’s not even comment on the song right now, this is about the video. It’s probably one of the most boring videos I’ve ever seen, ever! Okay maybe this is a little about the song, but I believe that the video could fix it. But no, the video just made the song more boring. There was no choreography, just Katy Perry walking around and sitting at places (and at some point some people floating on the air?). Any way, it did have the potential to be a good music video and fix the song but it missed out.

2) Booty by Jenifer Lopez featuring Iggy Azalea

Are we going to act like it isn’t an Anaconda wanna be? Because it is such an Anaconda wanna be. But Anaconda at least had a purpose, it was woman empowering and it body positive. I know a lot of you are going to argue saying that it was objectifying and skinny shaming but you’re wrong. Nicki’s verses talked about a powerful woman having one night stands with a bunch of different guys and talking about them like guys always talk about the girls they banged. And about the end were it says “Fuck you skinny bitches.” I think it is pretty obvious that she’s joking since she’s using a sarcastic voice and she bursts out laughing right the next second. Now let’s get back to Booty, it has the butt element without having the female empowerment element (J.Lo. sings, “go on grab a man/ give him what he asked for”) and it’s also not much about body positivism either since they are both skinny and they sing about someone skinny. So what is it about? Butts. And what does the video show? Well, butts. And that is why the video is horrible and offensive, any questions? Oh and you know what the funny thing is? Nicki was shamed and hated on for Anaconda while J.Lo. and Iggy were praised for Booty, racists much? Or can you just not stand the thought that there are songs out there that make thick women feel comfortable with their shape?

1) Pretty Girls by Britney Spears featuring Iggy Azalea

To be honest, when this song first appeared on my YouTube page, I got excited. Even though Britney’s music has gone from iconic to bad with her last album to date, Britney Jean her latest songs are a guilty pleasure to me. I mean they’re bad, but just bad enough to be good. And also I love Iggy, even though since she on that list twice it looks like I don’t, I really do. I loved her album, The New Classic. I mean it’s not one of the best rap albums but it does have some pretty good songs. So now about Pretty Girls, the beat is bad, Britney’s vocals are the worst they’ve ever sounded and the lyrics are also well… bad. I was expecting Iggy’s verse to save that song but it only made it worst. It was a bad verse and it made the song longer when it should have ended a while ago. I didn’t even care to click on the music video until I saw it one day on MTV. It was far FAR worst than I expected. Because now it didn’t only have a bad beat, bad vocals and bad lyrics, it also had bad acting! I mean, the parts were they tried to be funny where even worst than the actual song. When the track stopped and they did that little skit, I actually missed that horrible beat. It made me want it to come back. On the bright side, Britney’s moves were good. But not good enough to fix everything else that is wrong with Pretty Girls.

Okay so that’s all for my first post. My next ones aren’t going to be that mean I swear. Let me know if I forgot any other bad music videos in the comments as well as if you agree/disagree with any of the things I said. Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

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